Following my post the other day about BetaPunch it seems there’s actually been quite a lot of drama. Thankfully I’ve not been in the centre of this kerfuffle but it does seem I’m not the only one who has had issues with BetaPunch.

Danielle Morrill had some trouble with them (well, him) in the past that seemed to have been resolved. However just recently she posted this:

Why I Won’t Be Using BetaPunch for User Testing


An apology of sorts has been posted but honestly I feel one of the commenters hit the nail on the head:

You're conflating failure of execution with failure of character. You behaved like a petulant child, which is a character flaw, not a professional failure.


There’s some more commentary here if you’d like to read more. In general though it’s a mess and it makes me ashamed to be associated with the BetaPunch brand.

The strength it was building up was through the efforts of people such as myself. It sounds boastful, I know, but it’s true. I was one of the two testers who reviewed Eli The Computer Guy in what turned out to actually be a review of BetaPunch.

The first tester checked out my site and said that in fact he could figure out what my site was about in 10 seconds.  Thankfully he then went on to give approx. 10 minutes of thoughts about my site as he wandered through it.  He did an exceptional job, and it goes to show the quality of the testers that he did not in fact stop testing my site in less then a minute.

I guess Ross saw my name come up as a new user, and so I was given a second test automatically.  The second tester was great and again did far more then I had asked.

Overall the testers, and the resulting test video were Great, AWESOME, truly a cool thing..!


I was paid $5 for that review. Did BetaPunch receive more than $5 of value from me? Of course, as is to be expected.

However in this case it seems they/he received considerably more given the publicity and traffic generated. Well, good for them, it’s nice to be associated with something positive.

Conversely this recent drama has put me in a position where I don’t want to touch BetaPunch with a barge pole. My personal feelings towards the chap were just that; I grumble a bit on my personal blog but I do my best to do a good job and to try to make them look good.

So it would seem I’m not just being a delicate flower when it comes to this stuff – there really is a lot of ego flying around and it’s damaging what had been becoming a good brand.

I’ve cashed out of BetaPunch to be safe and will be applying to instead. The pay is better and hopefully I won’t end up being tied to a toxic brand if I work for them.

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