I just spotted this article on /r/Science:

Hear-Raising: Compound Regenerates Auditory Hair Cells, Offering a Possible Treatment for Deafness

Essentially it looks like there’s hope for those of us with hearing loss. Given that my parents are in their 60s (and only have three functional ears between them) this bodes rather well for their future. Then there’s my two half sisters, one of whom is deaf and another whose hearing isn’t what it once was (due to working in loud gyms for decades).

My hearing is mostly fine for now but it’s nice to know that further down the line if it does get damaged I can get it fixed.

It’d be fantastic if my sister could get to hear again. She’s been deaf since she was about three or four as a side effect of last ditch efforts to cure meningitis, if memory serves. She sounds relatively normal but it’d be fantastic if she could get to hear her daughter’s voice or talk on the phone.

Of course there’s no guarantee this will work but it does seem like hope is emerging at long last. Once research is a bit further progressed maybe I’ll feel more comfortable going to deafening rock concerts?

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