I can feel it approaching – another console war. I do love a good war.

Last time it was Xbox 360 vs. PS3. I am rather glad to see that Sony did not manage to dominate this generation like the previous one – it seems to be paying off. The rumours of their new console, currently codenamed Orbis, actually has sensible hardware in it. I’ve even heard that they might change that godsdawful controller of theirs.

Now the latter might be too much to hope for but the hardware looks to be solid. Multi-core again but built on something more standardised than their much touted Cell processor (which IBM don’t even make any more!). It looks like it’s going to be something from AMD, possibly based on Jaguar (an x86 jobby) at around 1.6GHz for each core. That should do the job, although I’m a bit surprised they’re not going with ARM.

They’re also throwing in 4GB of GDDR5 (plus an extra half gig for the OS). It’s not that much but it’s at least not the laughably small 256MB/256MB of the PS3. It always boggled my mind that they built a console with such an impressive processor and then hobbled it with less RAM than the mid-level PCs I built in my mid teens.

MS on the other hand are only going to be using DDR3 although they’ll be throwing 8GB of the stuff at the problem although 3GB of that may be reserved for the OS. Eurogamer make a valid point with regards to MS’ strategy though – they’ve seen how having the fastest hardware isn’t necessarily the way to win a console war.

It gets me thinking – I would hazard a guess that MS is going to try to position the 360’s successor in a similar way to where they’ve gone with their current offering. Lots of people use them for things like Netflix in addition to gaming. It wouldn’t surprise me if they tried to manoeuvre themselves into a position where they are the one true living room device.

It looks like Sony are more looking to offer a solid gaming platform that won’t haemorrhage money for the first four years of its life. Probably wise! I don’t think they can afford to balls things up this time given the state of their finances. I doubt we’ll see an end to their infuriating arrogance though, some things never change. If I’m wrong about that though, well, I can live with it.

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