sistericonI mostly sculpt greenskins, as you probably know, but I have sculpted humans before. Notably I sculpted two heavies for my all-female Escher gang (of course if you’re familiar with Necromunda you’d know that Escher are always female).

Whilst trying to determine which models are available for Sisters of Battle I came across a rather fun non-GW seraphim sculpt. They’re essentially battle nuns with jetpacks:image_t6

Not bad!

I don’t know whether I could manage something quite that good yet but it did lead to a bit more searching. Amazingly at the time of writing three sisters of battle will cost £10.75 from GW’s online store. A squad is 10 – 20 models!

What got further was that the models appear virtually unchanged since when I was a boy. In fact…

*rustling of pages*

My first White Dwarf, September 1998, issue 225 has the very same models in it.m1921160a_99060108013_BattleSisters2_873x627What’s more impressive is that the sculpts have aged well. Other models from that period look fairly awful but the Adepta Sororitas still look rather awesome. Perhaps they’ll finally get plastics this year, as per rumours. I hope so.

Something I didn’t know was why they exist (as in the in-universe explanation). It’s actually delightfully pedantic – the Ecclesiarchy cannot maintain any “men under arms”!

I might have to set a goal for myself to sculpt some of them as they’ve really got a style I like. It’s not quite as sexualised as the Escher models which, whilst cool, are kinda based on trashy fashion from the late 80s and early 90s. They have cone-boobed Madonna as a special character, FFS.

Back to the point though – at the moment there doesn’t appear to be a Sisters of Battle codex. There was, I believe, but right now there isn’t. I popped into my local GW to see if they could be of help. Whilst friendly (and for once not pushy) they didn’t actually prove to be very helpful. Apparently in a couple of White Dwarfs (they didn’t know which issues) there was a new listing published. Fantastic. It’s not as if a PDF could have been created or something, right?

I shall keep digging but hopefully soon I won’t have to – it’d be awesome if they just got their own codex along with some new plastics now that sixth edition has been released. In the meantime have a canoness:1265194905_4a799f17fd56dedd32494096c0d02aab

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