These days hardcore pornography is but a few keystrokes away at any one time and it seems this worries people, concerned that it distorts viewers in a negative way. That may well be the case, although I would imagine it would very much depend on what one considers negative.

However the abundance of sexual images doesn’t bother me instead I find myself increasingly disturbed by what is sometimes called “romance porn”. Disney Princess Syndrome (or just Princess Syndrome) seems to be fairly common, I’ve seen it in my own niece and it’s rather creepy.disneyprincesses-2

This issues is more complex than that though. There’s the feminist aspect where these sorts of behaviours should be discouraged in order to prevent the child growing into an entitled adult. I’ve seen it in so many adults – they just expect things to be given to them and are fixated on vanity.

Further down the line it seems this translates into expecting some sort of unattainable perfection from any potential partners, often rejecting them or attempting to clumsily change them. The entitlement aspect rears its ugly head here – they feel they deserve someone perfect.

For most intents and purposes that perfection is a ridiculous ideal that cannot exist in humans. The issue here seems to be taking some sort of romanticised ideal of what a partner should be, rather than finding out what works for the individual.

I personally have no end of flaws but I also have many positive traits. I also have a mental list of flaws I cannot tolerate in a partner, unsurprisingly. Beyond that list though there are countless things that do not bother me in the slightest which infuriate others!

The point I’m vaguely working towards is the rather toxic view of what love is, how relationships work, and similar concepts in modern Western society. I specify modern as these concepts aren’t new but never before have we been as exposed to media as we are now.

How many rom-coms are there? Books? Magazines? TV shows?

Jules’ behaviour on Cougar Town with regards to Grayson is downright disturbing at times (which of course is intentional). The fact that we’re joking about it does suggest it is a very real issue for many people though, otherwise the humour wouldn’t be relatable.

This really is an area that needs more prominent research done into it as the way things stand our society grooms us for misery. Which is fine as we also consider “retail therapy” to be an acceptable way to feel better – great for the economy!

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