Well Jessops and HMV are now both in administration. I’m honestly not that surprised. However it gets me wondering who is going to be next?

Wandering through Edinburgh the other day got me thinking about how on Earth many places stay afloat. It almost feels like a conspiracy theory given that outwardly the numbers just don’t add up.

Of course some places such as Greggs I can totally see staying afloat. Other places not so much. If it weren’t for airports and train stations I imagine WH Smiths would have gone under long ago, for example.

I used to love going into WH Smiths – they had books, video games, magazines, and awesome stationery. These days I don’t buy most of those things in bricks ‘n’ mortar shops, well, except books, but I barely buy any of those (I’d get them at Pulp Fiction if I did).

I also wonder about GAME. Gamestation were awesome but they’re gone but that wasn’t much of a loss as they’d got rid of the interesting things they sold long before. GAME might scrape through but supermarkets are competing with them rather fiercely so it could go either way.

Boots, maybe? I’m not sure of the state of their finances.

How about Waterstones? They’re not really handling the emergence of eReaders all that well!

It would seem that the BRC’s predictions were right. I wonder just how right?

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