I’ve had a pretty long day at work so please excuse me if I get a little ramble-y today.

I think about and write about videogames a lot as I’m sure many of you have noticed and I wonder why. Other think about films or literature yet I focus on this medium.

For me I think it’s because of something else I’ve been thinking about – I’m frequently hesitant to lay out my thoughts about various things, even though I’ve arrived at them in my own way. The reason for this is because they’re usually not new thoughts on a species level. There’s so many other humans thinking every day, someone else has already had these ideas and in all likelihood expressed them better than I can.

I found this piece, for example, and it sums up why I run a business like I do even though I live on less than minimum wage at the moment. It expresses things more eloquently than I can manage.

Similarly there’s no point in me writing about Fight Club because all discussion about it has been exhausted. I think that’s why I like to talk to intelligent people younger than me – some things are still new to them.

Getting back to the point of videogames though – they’re still a very immature medium. We’re starting to seem some clumsy attempts to tackle more in-depth issues with some finesse but ultimately they’re still fumbling around with monochrome film and hand cranks.

For all the negative things being said about videogames they’re still rapidly evolving. There’s still things being discovered in a frontier-like existence. It’s exciting and interesting to see where the journey takes us.

There’s also the fact that much like one used to say that everyone has a novel inside them many of us have games inside us. I’ve got a design floating around in my head that sometimes bubbles to the surface enough to get notes made about it. I keep a book specifically for this purpose. I can’t code for toffee but I can at least design game mechanics, even if I need much more practice.

Hopefully one day I’ll be able to talk to someone else and get it turned into something real. I don’t want it to just be “There’s this guy and then stuff happens, can you code that for me?”
Instead my notebook contains the concepts of how items would be generated, how the game’s economy would work, which statistics would make up the character’s strengths and weaknesses, and so forth.

So, in closing, I feel like film and literature still have plenty to be discovered but a seriously nuanced perspective would be needed to find things. Videogames on the other hand are a total crapshoot at the moment, a warzone of ideas and imagery. It’s nice to be able to comment on things that haven’t been talked to death yet.

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