I was at a party tonight, a flatwarming as it happens, when I noticed something that blew my mind a little.

The two people who had moved in had setup a long, low bookcase full of DVDs.

They’d transported this vast collection, bought some specific furniture for it, and then unpacked it onto it.

I lay those things out like that because for me that much content is simply a matter of plugging in a hard disk’s power supply and USB cord. It fits in a handbag. Any time I want something from it I just hit a few keys and the content is there.

The idea of putting that much effort into a media collection blows my mind. If I was them (and I took issue with piracy) I’d have ripped the discs individually (now legal) and dumped the files on a hard disk. Once done I’d either box up the DVDs or put the discs on a spindle and recycle the casings.

Sure, one can’t browse a shelf like that but scrolling through properly indexed content in XBMC is actually a very pleasant experience (and there’s better info available too!).

I don’t think I understand normal folks.

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