Something that occurred to me about Sisters of Battle is that working on them would mean I’d have good reason to pick up some parts from Anvil Industries.

They do assorted totally-not-Space-Marines-honest-guv of varying quality and style. I’m not that interested in them myself, SMs aren’t really my thing however their armoury on the other hand…

exorcist-carbine-500x500The thing being that their stuff must be 3D printed and as such can be very precise. Not so useful for those of us who work on greenskins but very handy for this sort of thing. They use Picatinny rails!

I’m just going to stop for a moment to calm down because that’s so godsdamned cool.sight-500x500

…a bracket used on some firearms in order to provide a standardized mounting platform…

We’re at the stage where we can print miniature accessory rails. Anvil have a variety of accessories that fit on their standardised rails. Mmmmm tasty standardisation.ex-carbine-grip-sight1-500x500

So whilst I’m normally fairly interested in firearms there’s a reason this is specific to Adepta Sororitas – they’re old models. Not just old, really old. 1997 old. They’re about twice as old as most of the kids you see playing in GW stores these days…

The thing being that in about 1998/1999 the old style of boltgun was retired. Frankly – good. The old one was ugly as all hell so this was definitely a positive, the current Sisters models still use them for the most part though. Of course theirs are late sculpts and so suck considerably less but nevertheless they’re old.

But hey, it’s nice if their weapons look different so I may have to use some of these awesome weapons in future. How hard can power armour covered in fleurs-de-lis be?

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