There was a question on AskReddit today dealing with the idea of explaining the modern world to a man from the 1950s. To be honest it’s not all that much of an interesting question in terms of the answers given but the things people seemed to realise about themselves surprised me. Well, surprised in this case refers to how much people seem to take for granted and how oblivious of it they are.

Those of you who know me might be well aware of this already but – I live in the future.

We’re not talking about flying cars, we’re talking about two way video conversations with people on an island on the other side of the planet. Small devices that fit in pockets that can take high quality photographs and push them seamlessly to a hard disk in a computer thousands of miles away without any intervention on the user’s part.

Meals can be prepared, portioned, stored, and the reheated safely to the point where hunger as a societal problem is as much of a concern as polio. Wait, there’s another one – even the most dangerous health maladies are increasingly mere inconveniences with progress being made daily.

Then there’s entertainment and the colossal amounts of it that exist cheaply and conveniently.

The one concern that might blow his mind the most though? How few of us can find work and how little we’re paid. We work just as much as in his time, if not longer, for less.

In a world of such plenty and ease humans still manage to find a serious problem.

Please excuse me whilst I go look at some cute animals on Reddit.

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