Today while I slept and dreamt of being in custody with other SoA members (How appealing…) my friend, Jim, dropped off some stock for me.

It’s exciting.

Fox Box as a business does some trade but I’m not exactly putting a down payment on a flat, let alone planning where to install a piano-shaped swimming pool.

It’d say that’s all about to change but I think that might be a bit over-optimistic. It’s going to be a slow journey but that’s okay, if that’s how I have to learn to govern my own work schedule then so be it.

However over the last few months I’ve been sculpting away at a variety of products. Unfortunately getting them cast takes time, particularly when silicone and resin get stuck in the mid-winter post. There’s also the fact that to keep costs down I have them cast as a large batch.

The end result is getting new stock is like freakin’ Christmas!

I’ve got a bag of armoured wheels, ground control goblins, riot shields with arms, truck extension kits, and endless weapons!


Not bad for a first gobbo!

It also motivates me to polish the site somewhat. Fox Box is now cookie law compliant, for example, although from what I can tell I might not actually be liable anyway. Better safe than sorry though!

I’ve been getting my sculpt on too working on some new things. I don’t really want to reveal them publicly yet given the lead time but progress is being made.

The main reason the new products are exciting is simply because currently I only sell two kinds of torsos. Hardly exciting even if they are rather useful. These new things will drastically increase my range and allow me to build other products.

So for example the goblin weaponry I’ve sculpted should be idea for making new models of various kinds. I’m looking forward to it a great deal.

Anyway, back to work!

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