Something that aggravates me a little in a business sense is how much retail properties cost to rent. I don’t want one just yet but from the numbers I’ve seen to get somewhere with even a little foot traffic is intensely costly. Of course then there’s insurance, tax, and any number of other additional costs.

The reason I’ve been thinking about this is because of the predictions of the British Retail Consortium. Their analysis suggests that many high street retailers are going to fail in the coming year. Personally I’m fine with this, I buy things online and prefer it that way.

However what that will mean is a lot of retail space will be freed up. I would be surprised if there was any real shift in rent though, it just doesn’t seem a big enough trend to change anything. New businesses will open, survive a few months and then die when they simply can’t raise enough. Rinse and repeat.

I find myself wondering what it will take before town centres die enough to lower prices and allow for smaller businesses to move in. Speaking of smaller businesses, it seems odd that there aren’t smaller retail spaces available. How many shops really need all that floor space?

I’m a one man operation at the moment and my stock takes up a few shelves. It’d be nice to have a little shop but the amount of money I’d need to bring in to afford that would be colossal, it’s just not feasible.

Perhaps a business venture further down the road would be to start letting retail space in micro-market type of arrangement. It sounds complex to organise but not crazy. I’m going to have to have a think about this one.

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