Peter Molyneaux’s latest project, Godus, is on Kickstarter and has 3 days to go at the time of writing. It’s an interesting case as it’s still unclear if it’ll hit its goal of £450K. It’s sitting at £355,879 at the moment and climbing slowly but a final jump in the last day or so isn’t unheard of.

That’s not what makes it notable though – it’s a game with a big name behind it, Peter Molyneaux, but it hasn’t been a runaway success. Wasteland 2 and Double Fine’s project didn’t have much trouble, if memory serves, but Godus isn’t getting an easy ride.


Personally I’m hesitant to jump on board as the lowest tier where one actually gets the game is £15. I normally don’t pay that much for any game. I’d buy it in a bundle or a Steam sale and get it for at most about £7.50. If the asking price was $15 I’d probably go for it but pounds? Eh, no.

The other thing holding me back is the project’s lack of impetus so far – had it flown past its goal I’d be more inclined to support the project, but it hasn’t. Instead I’ve seen Mr. Molyneaux wringing his hands and articles on various news sites about it.

Then there’s reputation. Ben “Yahtzee” Croshaw once talked of the importance of keeping Peter Molyneaux’s gob shut during development and that’s what worries me about this. Old Pete is the one talking to us in the videos and promising a wonderful game. Unfortunately his reputation precedes him and I have no idea what to actually expect in the final game as a result. Erk.

Lastly there’s the simple fact that it talks about Populous, a game I’ve heard great things about but am frankly not quite old enough to have played. It could be fantastic, really I haven’t a clue. This could have been a good thing – I tried Wasteland and couldn’t get past the interface and severely dated graphics.


So when the opportunity to fund a new version that I might actually be able to enjoy came along I jumped at the chance.

But I’m just not feeling that with Godus and I fear many others feel the same way.

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