I haven’t been able to find some clear cut details on it but it looks like the laws for UK copyright are finally getting some sane changes. Most of the time I find myself moaning about whatever crazy scheme the government or some lobby group are trying to push but today it’s a positive thing.

In the US parody is protected and so not subject to copyright infringement – the same is not true in the UK. Well, until now.

Additionally copying music to a device (such as from a CD to a hard disk or MP3 player) is now legal. Yes, most thought it was already – not so. In fact by recording songs from my turntable to my PC I was breaking the law!

I wish I could find a nice news source that explains the changes in full as there’s mention of orphan works (and I remember rumblings about those) but I can’t seem to unearth anything useful.

In any case it’s nice to be able to see a government do something right. I find myself increasingly disillusioned by them (not the parties currently in power specifically - all of them) and it seems a constant quest to squash the rights of the individual in favour of corporate lobby groups.

Related to this it’s nice to see that despite the UK Pirate Party being forced by the BPI to take down their TPB proxy other Pirate Parties worldwide have opened their own, along with countless others. Censorship is damage to the infrastructure of the internet. Thankfully the internet was built to withstand damage and route around it.

I am too tired to spend further words on the proxy issue but needless to say the BPI haven’t a leg to stand on as it is not their job to enforce the law. Even if it was, running a proxy for The Pirate Bay, that is in itself not illegal. Or at least not yet.

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