Given that Christmas is just around the corner I’m sure this issue has been thought about by many – giving gifts of technology.

For many it is simply not worth the trouble, it seems. I’m not trying to suggest they’re wrong, because they’re not. A new Kindle or phone given to most normal people, more so if they’re older, seems to result in the gift giver having to provide tech support for it.2122f1cI’m truly unable to grasp why this has become the accepted state of things. If I gave someone a car would they ask me for maintenance advice?

Would I be expected to teach them to drive?

Let’s go smaller scale – say I bought them a rather fancy shirt – would they ask me how to best care for it?

I provide a bit of tech support to my mother but it’s rarely on things I’ve bought for her and to be honest it’s becoming increasingly unnecessary as I spent a considerable amount of time teaching her how to figure these things out in the way I do. Teach a man to fish, so to speak.

I’m not proposing that as a solution to the problem, I’m just curious as to why we feel it’s socially acceptable to expect help from the person who provided the gift. Going back to the driving example I would expect “teaching someone to drive” to be a gift in and of itself. The same should arguably be true of technology – if I buy someone an iPad why should they expect me to show them how to set it up?

It’s just been bugging me lately and I’m not sure what to think of it.

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