I’m not particularly familiar with the US publication “Newsweek” it does seem a little interesting to see a fairly large name fold. Printed media has been on the decline for sometime now, certainly, but I don’t think we as consumers of it have really seen it first hand all that much. _64932833_newsweek_small

Whether it’ll ever make a comeback remains to be seen but the loss of it leaves me somewhat conflicted. On the one hand I like the spread of content one receives in a magazine publication, picked and edited to appeal to the reader. On the other hand the content is often outdated compared to what one might find online and rarely as in depth either.

Usually what I find scares me off is the price in relation to what is delivered. I have a subscription to Bizarre magazine and feel it delivers fairly good value for money. It’s not the thickest magazine ever but it’s nice and always has some things I wouldn’t have found without it.

On the other hand I loved the content of PC Gamer but couldn’t justify the ever increasing price on a monthly basis. As it happens it’s quite affordable as a subscription but I honestly hadn’t considered it due to the ridiculous cover price. I remember it costing £6 per issue when I was in school ten years ago and as such I am hesitant to even ask how much it’d cost these days!

Ultimately though when I have a magazine I feel attached to it. I paid for it and am hesitant to dispose of it. When one lives on one place for more than a few months at a time a stack builds up and it becomes unmanageable.

I’m not sure of a good way to solve this problem, at least at the moment, as being able to flick through a magazine is actually rather vital to the experience. An e-reader is great should one wish to read things in a linear order but that’s not really how magazines work.

Perhaps this is just one of those experiences that we’re going to have to learn to live without, at least for now. It seems a rather dull note to end on but many skills and experiences simply do not survive the march of time and I’m wondering if content-rich magazines will be one of them.

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