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Step two – disassembly

When building something like this, or more accurately converting, I usually strip the piece down to its component parts to better understand how it fits together.

It allows gives me the opportunity to file down particularly hard to reach sharp edges and other general lousiness.

Fortunately for me the batteries in this are in a user-serviceable compartment which should mean that when I’m done I can seal the whole thing up and fill in the ugly screw holes.

Thankfully the translucent parts are clipped in rather than glued and so could be temporarily removed. Irritatingly though wired LEDs are attached to two of the three parts and so it’s probably wiser to just set them aside when it comes to painting.2012-12-31 02.37.45

As you can see from the photo I’ve filed down the serial number (for want of a better description) and done my best not to disrupt the circuitry. I always find that if I try to reconnect things it never works as well as it once did, something I don’t want to have to deal with for this piece.

Fortunately the whole thing is made of black plastic – this will make painting it much easier as I intend on undercoating both pieces in black. Once that’s done I’ll be filing and filling to try to get a nice and uniformed look. Black plastic means I won’t have to repaint every last bit!

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