It’s been a while since I created steampunk versions of anything and I had a lot of fun doing pistols in the past. This time I’m going for a raygun. Thankfully most of the work has been done for me with this nifty little number: 2012-12-29 21.50.15

It’s going to be all brassy and awesome when I’m done filing and filling it. I’ve not decided if I’m going to add any additional detailing to it, it’s probably not necessary.

What I particularly like about this piece is the weight. It contains three AA batteries to power the lights, sounds, and motor. However, amazingly, it’s not obnoxious. It makes raygun noises that don’t sound utterly ridiculous and more importantly – don’t change every damn time one pulls the trigger!

The motor causes some vibration giving a nice bit of feedback when the trigger is pulled. As a result I’m planning on leaving the electronics inside this whereas with others I might strip it out.

2012-12-29 21.50.05

The thing that amuses me about this project is this – I now have the skills to sculpt all sorts of pretty things on it, yet I have no idea what I’d actually want to detail it with!

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