I’ve just seen some folks on Reddit seriously question why one would raise a child to be bilingual/multilingual.

It hadn’t occurred to me that anyone would consider being bilingual a bad thing, or question the benefit. The idea that there would need to be tangible benefits boggled my mind. There are certainly job prospect benefits, of course, but it hadn’t crossed my mind that anyone would focus on that primarily.

Some commenters questioned the value of learning Spanish due to the fact that Mexico and South America are “merely” developing nations. The concept of being able to better communicate with other cultures seemed irrelevant to them.

Putting that stuff to the side there’s the simple fact that being multilingual is good for the brain! [Source]

I’m always surprised when someone only speaks a single language, admittedly. Most folks I know speak at least one additional language, although four or five isn’t unheard of.

If you had the opportunity to raise your child to speak additional languages, wouldn’t you?

I’d like my children to be able to speak at least three if not more. I want them to be able to understand the world better than I can. I’m good, but if possible I want them to be better. That seems a normal response to the circumstances, I feel.

The conventional wisdom is that knowing another language is valuable, but I've honestly never seen the benefit, unless you're truly interested in another culture. I learned French in high school, promptly forgot it, and never understood why I was forced to take it in the first place. [source]

Ideally learn useful languages but either way it’s good for the brain.

That’s all, I just was dumbfounded by the comments.

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