It would seem the rumours of Steam on Linux are circulating again. Phoronix are once again talking about it and whilst there’s some photos and discussion I’m going to have to say “I’ll believe it when I use it”.

This isn’t to say it’s unthinkable or impossible, but the last time these rumours circulated, about two years ago, I got excited. Nothing came of it.

Perhaps this time we’ll be more fortunate.

What makes me hopeful this time is the rumours that have been circulating of a Steam console. If such a device did exist it might make sense to run Linux on it, or a variant of Android. Either way DirectX wouldn’t be getting a look in and so OpenGL would be the way to go.

If the ground work was in place from porting things to Linux that might make a roll out and support structure much easier to implement. It might not, of course, but it doesn’t seem too big a leap of imagination.

Gabe Newell did mention that he’d been working on Linux stuff in The Seven Day Cool Down (around the 11 minute mark), but once again I’m hesitant.

Hope springs eternal, I suppose.

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