There's something really satisfying about the current Necromunda campaign I'm playing in. Sure, I'm not fielding a gang that has been in the pipeline since shortly after finishing school and yes, we're not using the original first edition rules that I prefer.

However what I am instead doing is playing as a gang that never got fully painted originally. They're partly metal Escher models I bought from GW Nottingham HQ back when one could still order bitz.

I'm not just using those models though - I'm also fielding a few I picked up on eBay for a pittance. The low price really encourages me to do some conversion work on them. As you know, reader, I've been learning to sculpt. I was working on Orks but following recent events the wind was actively sucked from my metaphorical sails.

I need to keep working though so I've started doing some work on humans instead. The shift in scale is considerable but the extra skill I'm learning should be worth it.

This relates as these metal models I'm getting on eBay cannot be easily converted like one can with modern plastics or resins. They're made of white metal and so it's clippers or the saw. They're also human women, not bulky space marines. This means I need to rebuild details and work with relatively delicate features. It's really rewarding, actually.

To push things even further I've scratch built a few models. I needed a heavy bolter for my gang but no such model exists. An ammo belt from Zinge industries later and I was on my way.

The only problem was that the first game I fielded her in she proved very effective and I earned a whole wodge of cash for the gang. Now I need to build a second one!

That's a job for tomorrow though. I also really need to work on sculpting female faces, although my first attempt wasn't horrific, just not quite good enough. She looks female, just a bit too cartoony, or cartoony but not in the right style to match the other models.

Once I'm done with these girls though I look forward to working on the Orks again. Their scale should be a doddle by comparison!

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