I finished playing Psychonauts last night, having recently bought it in a Steam sale for half a pittance. Aside from a couple of frustrating moments (mostly in the final "level") it was a very fun experience.

The writing was excellent, the characters funny (particularly the shadowy G-men inside Boyd's head), and in the gameplay was mostly satisfying.

That's not what I'm writing about though. Whilst playing I noticed that the game, despite being released in 2005 has Steam achievements. I also notice that it had no problem supporting my native resolution (1920x1080). In a modern game that'd be to be expected but back then it was unheard of to have a monitor like that.

From what I've read though the game was distributed by a company for a number of years (I want to say Majesco?) but then the distribution agreement expired and those rights reverted back to Double Fine. So what did they do?

Well they fixed a load of issues, integrated it with Steam, added cloud support, achievements, and modern resolutions (I'm guessing on the last one) and re-released it. There's also a nifty iOS app with some artist/director commentary on some of the game's art assets.

I wonder if we'll see a bit more of this sort of thing given the way modern gaming has become established. I doubt it because I'm feeling cynical but there's certainly the possibility.

My only complaint is the inability to return to the map hub after the suitably named "Point of No Return". I wanted to finish things up and then return to sort stuff out. Alas it was not to be and I'm not willing to go that far back.

However perhaps soon I'll be playing Psychonauts 2. Make it happen, Mr. Schafer!

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