At long last there's been some good news for education in the UK - ICT is going away.

I was fortunate to avoid most of this boredom-inducing nightmare of a subject. However from what I've read, heard, and observed it is comparable with listening to the radio commentary at the national paint drying observance.

As I've said for a long time, repeatedly and at length (loudly too) - teaching people applications is a waste of resources. Learning to use an application by rote would be fine if the world was static, but it isn't - particularly in the field of technology.

Say you learned to use MS Office in the early 2000s. You're now ready to work in an office and can do mail merge stuff, that kind of thing?

Yeah, the user interface got a huge overhaul in 2007. Then there's the shift towards other technologies as well, of course.

Instead of teaching principals, such as how to best use a WYSIWYG environment and developing some sensible intuition in students we've ended up with a curriculum that hinders rather than helps.

Right, that's the recap over; time for some good news!

Computer science is going to be taught instead. I tried to learn to program and recall having a tiny bit of education when I was under 10. It was interesting but a bit beyond me at the time. However that's just me and as we all know, I'm a bit odd.

Putting resources towards giving students a solid grounding in computing as well as programming could well lead to great things within a decade.

If our 14/15 year olds are taught a bit of programming now in five years they could well be working on some seriously interesting stuff. Even if lots of students don't grasp all the concepts, by the numbers things are likely to get better.

Furthermore it'll be interesting to see what happens to the UK's culture. Programming is currently basically magic to most people, same with computer hardware. What will happen to the public's perception of traditionally geeky subjects?

Time will tell, I'm sure.

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