I'm heading back up North now from Northumberland, having helped pack up the house we use there. It's an odd place, but not in a bad way, but more in the way that even with high speed internet access it still retains its feel of being a microcosm.

Whilst the rest of the world may go at one speed the house there stands in stark contrast. This is hardly a unique phenomenon but one that I felt would be diminished by access to modern amenities.

Maybe it's the bleak landscape that can be seen through every window or the way the land never feels far away. It's nice though, a welcome physical retreat from which to marshal one's thoughts and muster a renewed strength to deal with the world.

Yes, I know, I'm getting needlessly prosaic, that's too bad.

The other thing about the place is the way it has so many "ghosts" inhabiting it. Not ghosts in the traditional sense, more like in the echoes of the many, many people that have been there. Looking at the living room one can feel the huge number of people over the years who have sat around the fire after a day's hawking, picking off the odd stray louse (accursed filthy crows!) and discussing the best flights of the season.

This is particularly prominent as the last time I was there was for the barbecue, wherein a hundred or more people bustle around the place.

The house itself feels a little melancholy once everyone has gone, but more in a "I hope they'll come back soon!" way than mourning for years gone by.

It may only be properly inhabited for a few months a year but in that time a lot more living gets done than many places see in the same time.

Sleep well, house, we'll be back soon.

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