If you've no listened to it, go find a disc, download, or stream to enjoy Bleak Expectations. It's hilarious, ridiculous, and highly entertaining.

That's all for today for I've worked very hard over the last three days in order to get my business ready for initial orders (not the proper launch, per se, but a few test runs with friends to see what goes tits up).

Annoyingly PayPal have yet to deposit anything in my account meaning my verification has yet to occur, preventing any kind of launch. I've also applied for online banking with Lloyds TSB so we shall see what that experience ends up being like.

Amusingly I may ask my mother for technical advice in that sphere as she has years of experience with online banking for businesses. Apparently the UK banks could learn a thing or two from those of New Zealand when it comes to online stuff.

Right, time for me to sleep. More work tomorrow.

Please help me if you can, I cannot manage colour theory on my own and need to build a set of colours for the site using multiple fixed base colours, not just one. If that makes sense then perhaps you can help me.


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