I really enjoy the show Bob's Burgers, as you may already know, however it's only this evening that I started considering why I'm attached to it.

I think it's the accessible nature of the show, by which I mean the lack of epicness. Episodes do not generally involve events which require a huge world to exist within. Now don't get me wrong, I love a richly populated and well developed world/universe for a book/game/film/TV show/bacon sandwich but the world of Bob's Burgers has this small-town feel to it.

Instead of taking the cast into vastly important exploits or relying on improbable deus ex machina it's mostly just feasible stuff. There's something deeply comforting about a show that doesn't leave me feeling "Oh wow, I wish things like that could happen in my life". Instead the situations presented are twisted into hilarity by wit, delivery, and the interplay of personalities.

The Simpsons used to feel more like that to me but in recent years it feels like it's getting more outlandish and not in a good way. I still enjoy the series but in a very different way.

In other news, I'm really enjoying Sons of Anarchy season 4 and Breaking Bad is quite enjoyable too.

Perhaps it seems silly that I watch many TV shows rather than living, but as it stands at the moment I'm in transition, creating a new status quo in which I operate my business. Once that's done I should be in a position to start putting together the Wooden Dice podcast, doing some work on Wooden Dice itself, learning to dance, geocaching, and the many other things I enjoy doing.

Hopefully I'll eventually have time to get back to learning to knit and play the guitar too. It may seem these things are forgotten but they really aren't, I just need to focus on some other more pressing business first.

I must say my abilities at finishing projects I start are vastly improved. There's still a way to go, but it's night and day compared with how I used to be. My Gorkamorka projects have helped massively and it's carrying over nicely into my approach to my business. My work ethic isn't as good as it was when I was 14, but it's closer to it than when I was 22, which is a relief and really helps my self-esteem.

I may have rambled but that's because this keyboard makes it so much easier to write comfortably and get my thoughts flowing.

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