I think I've finally managed to get something rather awesome working. A virtually full-size wireless keyboard for my iPhone!

It's a little clunky it seems to integrate with iOS natively after a few initial issues. The hinge could also use some love but it was significantly cheaper than the keyboards I've seen for sale online, I am simply not willing to pay forty quid for a keyboard. I can't seem to get the pound sign working, alas, even using Alt Gr, all I get is π, but I think I can live with that!

The next fun bluetooth-based project for my iPhone is to try to get my Pogo printer working with it. Celeste now exists to enable OBEX bluetooth file transfers but it seems unhappy with iOS 4.1, although I've read of a few people getting it working. Personally I've had no luck.

Bizarrely it doesn't show up in Windows, but I know my bluetooth dongle works as I was able to use this keyboard under Windows. I can print pics under Linux, of course, but it's rather infuriating, I must say!

Earlier I referred to the bluetooth file transfer project as "fun". What I meant was complex, frustrating, and in no way fun whatsoever.

This should make for some interesting blog posts though as I can now comfortably type on the move in a way I was unable to before. Nifty, eh?

One last complaint though - my question mark key is inexplicably on the other side of my right shift key. Yeah, I've got no idea why either.

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