How interesting. According to Google Analytics my personal blog is getting some minor referral traffic from If you don’t know what that is, don’t ask me, I really cannot explain. I can remember it being a thing, of some description, back in the days of YourPSP.

I also recall them deciding they would be Wooden Dice’s rivals, or something?

Either way, I would imagine their forum is probably much more active these days than Wooden Dice’s, but I can’t check as one must register to even view their site and I really can’t be bothered.

The reason I say “rivals” with both uncertainty and a little disdain is simple. Wooden Dice was founded in February 2005, several years before the YourPSP community even launched. Furthermore, it was not created to be related to any given gaming community. I’m not quite sure why the YPPP fellows feel our two groups are related but it’s probably something to do with me personally, rather than the WD community.

Regardless, it’s probably just a thread of them laughing at me over something or other, it’s hard to say. Haters gonna hate and so forth, I’m still me and am enjoying it.

In terms of what the plan for Wooden Dice at this juncture is, I’ll explain a little. I intend on attempting to transition the forum to phpBB via SMF, if I can get IPB to behave on my test bed server. The idea being to move to software we can keep up to date for free and with support for extensibility.

Once that’s done I plan on implementing something like Facebook Connect and Twitter’s equivalent to make it significantly more easy to register on the site. With any luck the new software will prevent continued issues with spambots.

Now, that said, the cynical amongst us would ask “Why?” and I’ll put it simply – WD’s members have lives and it’s currently a bit of a pain in the arse to use the site and even harder to invite new people (an admin has to authorise their account personally!).

Well I’m working on putting together a new video podcast, a spiritual successor to Napier Subculture, amongst other things. I would like to use the forum as the community for it. I will also be looking to recruit some new blood from my alma mater to assist with the show.

That’s the most obvious public-facing stuff that’s happening at WD at the moment, but not the only thing. I can’t exactly discuss it in precise terms on here but there’s stuff going on under the surface and WD is far from dead. Hello, YPPP.

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  1. Hello, Flamekebab. Long time no talk (4 years by my calculations).

    I came across on my travels and I thought I'd give you some well-earned traffic. I don't recall us deciding we'd be WD's rivals or that we consider you an offshoot of anything. It's not something to do with you personally that our groups are related, it's simply because we're the only two forums with surviving YourPSP members (not counting the pointless PS forums). I hope I can allay fears of such associations damaging your internet reputation. ;)

    We're thinking of holding a reunion sometime in the next year (it'll be 5 years since the forum died), and we've e-stalked about 30 people, with your help we can find more. If you're interested, get back to me.

    P.S. for your nostalgic pleasure, the YourPSP Hall of Fame:


  2. Hi jaffa. I forget who from YPPP it was who mentioned "rivals" but I'm relatively sure someone did. Our relationship has not always been so cordial so I'm glad we can put that behind us.

    What did you have in mind for this reunion?


  3. Well, the plan is to invite all the old members we can find (even cool=psp), see how everyone's lives have turned out, and share the good memories. It can either take place on a subforum of YPPP or a new forum, complete with a theme:

    As I said, I'm not sure when it'll happen. August 20th is a good year away and I might get impatient...


  4. Oh, and we've dropped the homebrew aspect so we've been clean for two years. ;)

    And believe it or not, that's SMF we're running, not a hacked vBulletin.


  5. Impressive. Well, I can be reached, I'm sure you can figure it out.


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