I’m interested in getting into CSS3 and HTML5 at the moment, a notion inspired by seeing pages like this one. At the time of writing it says “Dive Into HTML5” in a non-standard font, one I’m fairly sure I don’t have installed and I find this enthralling.

I don’t wish to create pages covered in multiple fonts, animated GIFs and assorted flash nonsense, but I really like the idea of creating a page using some sort of font to give a distinct style. At the moment I could do that by creating images using said fonts, but that’s costly both in time and bandwidth. Wouldn’t it be marvellous to have a page that was both beautiful and responsive?

From the little I’ve read about HTML5’s syntax improvements the markup of it makes much more sense, and looks like it has been designed for web pages, rather than linked documents. There’s a Nav tag, for example, which exists to define an area for navigating the page/site; better late than never, I suppose!

CSS3 is another area that I’d like to get good at, as my current CSS skills are relatively primitive. Sure, I can set a font size, but I’m not confident writing anything from scratch, a problem which I’d like to rectify.

I’m trying to find a UK seller of HTML5 for Web Designers by Jeremy Keith, as I’ve heard good things about it. I’m not really looking for a comprehensive manual – I’m no developer – but something that gives me the gist of the new stuff and how to use it for basic web pages. I’m not going to be coding a CMS or anything, but being able to build something that I wouldn’t be ashamed to show people would be about right.

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