Whilst waiting for footage to transcode for editing, I’ve been watching a few videos on YouTube. Comments should possibly just be disabled on that site – the box says “Comment on this video” not “Prove you’re an idiot”.

In my travels I encountered the video for a T.I. song. Apparently he’s a hiphop artist of some kind. I don’t know if he’s currently popular and but apparently he’s currently serving a year behind bars. Sounds like he’s ticked most of the boxes so far for a successful rap career.

I don’t know whether I actually like the video or not, which to me at least is far more interesting. It portrays the mythical hiphop lifestyle with T.I. acting as the “sugar daddy” to the anonymous female protagonist, up to a point.

I don’t know if this is what many women want, although it doesn’t seem unbelievable sometimes. Whilst I would like vast wealth, I doubt it would make me much happier. Perhaps a little, but really what I think the desire is for glamour. Such an interesting human quirk – fame, glamour and status.

It also amuses me that the amount of money and possessions seen in the video are probably significantly more than T.I. actually owns. I may, of course, be wrong. Perhaps it’s simply that the people I’ve met who have that level of wealth rarely feel the need to splash it around or buy doodads and bling.

The other concept that interests me is the freedom the lyrics refer to. “You can have whatever you like” and “You can go wherever you like”. It’s kinda interesting that it seems to be money that is considered the hindrance to freedom. Sure, without any money it’s problematic, but one doesn’t require fictional amounts of money, unless of course what one wants is lots of money.

It makes me wonder – how often do people actually stop to consider why money is so important to them?

You and your kind, all you care about is money.

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  1. I don't mind rap music, but I do mind the message it sends out sometimes. It's demeaning to women to insinuate that money and "stuff" is all that they want to make them happy, and that they will blindly follow any man who offers them riches. However, I do realise that it's a common theme for rappers, and that this twisted thinking is rife throughout the industry. It's a bit sad, really, but in a way it is just reflecting the selfishness that is so pervasive in our society today. Money gets you things. Things make you look popular. Popularity gets you fame. Fame is all you need.


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