Gorkamorka-campaign-1Well, the first game of my first Gorkamorka campaign has just finished.

The result?

A resounding lose on my part.
For the first few turns there was a lot of “erm..” and “I think that’s how the rules work here..”.

I also managed to insult Chris’ father before play had even begun. Nice going, Ben.

That said, once I got the rules straight things worked out quite well. My lads careened around the board in their two vehicles, firing harpoons and shootas at Da Noobz and their boys. Dawn’s poor lad, Jeff, was not only mocked for his name, but also repeatedly pummelled by my buggy, before being clubbed out of consciousness by my spanner.

Things started to go wrong towards the end when Dawn’s lads piled onto my buggy and beat them into a smooth, green mash. A few knackered vehicles later and my lads losing their nerve and scarpering and it was stats o’clock. Oh and two of my guys were captured by Da Noobz.

All in all, it went well. A bit of terrain would have helped and I’m going to need to craft some as soon as I can. Hopefully we can get a few more games going and then I shall be bringing in my grots. FOR FREEEEEDUM!!

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  1. You'll have to bring in your grots, cause you're not gonna have any orks left soon! *rawr* ;)


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