The Matrix films get a lot of abuse but not from me. whilst the second film wasn't particularly great, I enjoyed all three of them, as well as the Animatrix and Enter The Matrix.

Yes, they're not as good as the first film, which was, at least for me, jaw-dropping. But I liked them anyway, they created a marvellous microcosm which still partly exists in my head.

I enjoyed the fact that Enter The Matrix was intertwined with the films and that characters from the Animatrix sometimes appeared as well. Yes, the game wasn't brilliant, although it was quite pretty, but it did have some memorable features.

I had once planned to have a Matrix marathon, watching all three films, the Animatrix and the cut scenes from Enter The Matrix, but given their non-linear relationship, I doubt it will ever happen.

I'd quite like to play through the game again, but only if there was a make-the-game-better mod. There was never enough ammo and some of the levels were far too repetitive. The lack of ammo was infuriating as there were so many cool bullet-time things one could do, but with so little ammo I never felt there was enough to use on such frivolity. This makes me a sad Fox.

I did try playing The Path Of Neo on my PS2 ad I think I may still have a copy, but I must say I got bored far too quickly. Maybe I'm now too old (mentally) or maybe the PS2 just has the amazing ability to sap my interest in things..

2 responses to "I quite like them actually.."

  1. Agreed! I am a huge fan of the entire series. Once upon a time, just after Revolution came out on DVD I did sit and watch the entire series, Animatrix and all! Was painful.
    But yeah, huge fan despite the massive plot hole in the Animatrix! ;)

    I think the reason people bash the movies is because they'll watch the movies individually without taking into consideration the wider context. The Wachowski brothers had always intended to make the series transcend media, making the movies only a small part of the story.

    I would be quite willing to do a Matrix marathon again though! Give me a shout some time soon for it.


  2. I liked the whole series as well. I haven't seen the Animatrix or Enter the Matrix yet though. I'm with Rik, though. Bring on the marathon!


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