M16-stage-twoYes, yes, it’s a lousy photo.

I’ve been sculpting again, or attempting to. I’ve got most of the basic shape down now and I’m trying to get the details right, or close enough.

Most recently I’ve been working on the ejection port cover as well as the handle, barrel near the stock, handguard and front sight.

Given that the entire model is only 38mm long, I don’t feel I’m doing too badly. I was especially pleased to discover the deal with the forward assist and the M16. Confused? Ah, well let Mr. Fox explain:

Colt-m16-dokrivat- That thingy is a “forward assist”. The original M16 didn’t have it, but it was added in the XM16E1 (standardised as the M16A1 by the US Army). So, if I understand correctly, my marine lads’ weapons shouldn’t have forward-assists, if their weapons are supposed to come from 1965, 1966 or early 1967. If they are supposed to be from after that time, they should have forward assists.

Well, I think I’ll model the earlier weapon and then when I’ve cast a few I’ll make some with forward assists, others without by sculpting further on the duplicates.

I also plan on adding some extra stuff to the duplicates so I can have different variants. Varying flash suppressors, scopes, magazines, etc..

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  1. Looks awesome!! =)


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