gorkamorka-tagsI’ve been on a bit of a wargaming, uh, in a bit of a, well, I’ve been thinking about 28mm miniatures and the games they’re used in a lot. There we go.

I used to play Warhammer 40,000 but that was quite some time ago and these days I’ve neither the money, time or inclination to play. Especially since the rules have changed twice since I last played.

What I do have the inclination to play are Games Workshop’s “specialist games” (as they term them). So, if you follow my blog you may have seen a few of my Mordheim miniatures and portable terrain for the same. I also play Gorkamorka and Necromunda. Well, I used to play Necromunda about ten years ago and I never got to play Gorkamorka properly.

However, I may soon get the chance to run a campaign of one or more of these, as I may soon have enough players, which would be rather awesome. With this in mind I’d like to play as Rebel Grots for Gorkamorka. I’ve been considering how to scratch build some vehicles for them, given the fact that the official miniatures for them are both rarer than hens’ teeth but also cost an arm and a leg. On the plus side, one used to have to purchase metal grots at an absurd price – recently GW released plastic grots in the same style. ~£8 for a box of ten of them. Sorted.

vietnam_rchampion_1971_smIn terms of Necromunda I’m not sure, but I’m considering playing as Vietnam Orlocks. Orlocks are just a random standard house gang in Necromunda, nothing special about them, fairly standard background. I’ve not considered the backstory (the “fluff”) for why these Vietnam War American GIs are in the wrong time period, but I’ll come up with something. Getting miniatures for the m isn’t tough – Catachan jungle fighters (Imperial Guard) are just the ticket but there is one sticking point.

The weapons.

In Necromunda warriors can be armed with all sorts of things, including the weapons of choice of Imperial Guard forces, the lasgun. What would the GIs be packing? Well, M16s, M14s and supported perhaps by an M79, M60 and a shotgun or sniper rifle.

The M14 isn’t hard to mimic, same with the M79. The M16 is a tricky one though. There don’t appear to be many 28mm scale models with anything similar and definitely not on a sprue (the few I found had far more modern variants of the rifle). Well, out with the green stuff and to work I went!M16-sculpt-wip

It’s not finished yet and there’s a lot of work to be done yet, but it’s coming along. Once the stock and barrel set I should be able to refine them further. The other side contains more detail although it too needs additional work. It may look a tad crude, but it should be noted that the whole weapon measures only 4cm. It’s tiny and the green stuff isn’t setting anywhere near fast enough. That said, I’m relatively confident that I’ll be able to add sufficient detail. It may not end up as detailed as the lasgun on the top left, but it won’t necessarily be too far off.

If I succeed in doing that, I intend on making a mould of it and casting several in resin so that I can equip many models and produce variants of the design.



I found a supplier of 28mm Vietnam figures that sell the weapons separately! Want to see something interesting?


That’s their M16A1. How does mine measure up, do you feel?

On the plus side, their M14 and M60 renditions are much better:



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  1. Wow. The sculpting is going well! Can't wait to see the finished piece. I'm working on getting some figures. Hopefully mine won't be too embarassing to play with! ;)


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