IMG_1675As I write this I’ve got a little lego box sitting next to me full of RTV silicone, hopefully mixed in the correct proportions (not a hope).

It’s the first part of the Ork kannon mould I’m attempting to make. I didn’t like the fact that there’s no real model for the Orky shotgun any more, there’s just a few left over Gorkamorka ones which look puny in the hands of modern Ork models. I’m getting the feeling I may have written this before, so I’ll get onto the next bit.

IMG_1681I want to start assembling my Gorker mob of Orks for Gorkamorka, but currently the lack of kannon models is the limiting factor. With any luck the mould will give good results and I can cast a few in resin. I’ve started on the vehicles and I’m stripping the paint from a few models. Irritatingly I seem to have lost my harpoon gun model, which is going to make the war trukk conversion that slight bit trickier unless I can un-earth it.

Then there’s my rebel grots, several of whom are currently sitting in a glass of Dettol to remove their previous paint (it wasn’t a bad paint job per se, but I’d like my models to be consistent). I was also rather pleased with myself when I tore the head off an old metal grot and replaced it with a plastic one. I’d always hated the old one and now I’m rather smug about it. Nyah.


Lastly, I’d like to share these with other Gorkamorka players out there:



Click on them to get the full size versions of them. There’s permission to photocopy them for personal use granted on them, so I think it’s probably okay to upload them like this. I don’t know about you, but I’ve got access to a printer but not a photocopier. Hopefully this isn’t illegal, but if I get contacted by Games Workshop I’ll happily take them down.

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  1. Hope the moulds work! *crossed fingers* =)


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