I’m starting to feel the need to play wargames again. Not one of the big ones, as in hundreds of models. I have neither the time nor the inclination for that. I would like to play Necromunda though, although I don’t see it happening any time soon.

Whilst portable Mordheim terrain is quite feasible, Necromunda is trickier. It has a far more diverse and intricate setting, leading to really beautiful terrain. Sadly it’s a bitch to store.

One day, maybe..

Anyway, I’d like to make a list of things I’d like to accomplish in the coming semester, on a mundane level:

  • Weekly Mordheim sessions as part of an ongoing campaign for the Wyrdstone in the city
  • Weekly or fortnightly GURPS sessions
  • More salsa dancing. I used to salsa dance and I’d like to take it back up and get better at it.
  • Better study habits – I found that using small exercise books to be far more manageable for arranging my notes. I’d like to keep that up.
  • More updates here on the Flamekeblog

In general, a bit of a routine would be good for me and I’ll have a lot of ENTV stuff on my plate and hopefully plenty of academic stuff too. I hope that by scheduling some fun stuff first it’ll be easier to slot some “work” stuff in too.

I would also like to update my blog more often than I currently do. Whilst I may blog far more often than many of the people I know, I feel that sometimes I neglect this blog. I like looking over it and seeing what I’ve been up to and the odd person finds it interesting.

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