Arriving on Tuesday night, it's been an eventful few days here in Englefield. Wednesday involved the erection of two marquees, two Medieval Indian tents and Dawn's camping tent. Plenty of work and relatively pleasant, but the mood was bolstered greatly by my team, who seem to have inadvertently ended up under my command.
Thursday involved the Japanese delegation's traditional hunting lodge, far too many metres of faux-thatch and lots of swearing. We managed to get it into a finished state although as yet no one seems to have shown up to inhabit it..

In the intervening time between then and now I've got a bit of sunburn, wandered around to see what all the fuss is about and am generally in high spirits.

..and remember - falconers do it one-handed.

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  1. That was one michty sunburn, Mr Kebab! You've earned the right to call yourself a real Redneck now, though! *ducks*


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