IMG_1439There’s plenty of reasons I don’t love Thursdays, but this week that reason was a horse lorry full of gear for the upcoming Festival of Falconry. Mid-morning my mother and I set off for Englefield, outside reading, a relatively short journey, slowed considerably by the weight of the several Yurts in the back of the vehicle.

Upon arrival we were to retrieve a white “galatent” (muffled swearing) which apparently comes with no useful documentation and apparently was put away but someone daft. Why? Because we have two of these tents.

Some daft sod had mixed the two sets of equipment so we could build a roof (with spares left over!)IMG_1445 but only had five of the wall poles. We needed at least ten. No tent for our equipment then!

Of course, it took us a few hours to properly establish this, along with a failed attempt at utilising some of the spares instead. We came to the realisation that even if we had the correct parts, we would have required a further four people to erect the blasted thing.

Considerable swearing later, we had the tent roof tied down (more swearing) and got ourselves to Englefield’s polo stables, where equipment was being stored. I’m not the strongest of guys and my mother is of retirement age (although definitely not of retirement body, she’s probably stronger than me..).

Yeah.. we were faced with the task of unloading huge chunks of heavy canvas, countless support poles (both for Yurts and our own failed tent) and of course, the many, many bits of wooden lattice used to form the yurt walls. Oh and the sun was right over head giving temperatures of 28 - 32°C. Toasty! (well, for Britain).  IMG_1447 I think we finally got the lot unloaded at around 1900 and proceeded to find somewhere to get some dinner. We’d been looking forward to dining at this wonderful little pub on the other side of Englefield. Yeah, turns out it has closed its doors permanently. Bugger. Plan B. Nearby little town, Teale. The first pub was also closed. Bugger that, we went to a nearby Indian restaurant. By 2330 we finally got back to the facility and got some rest.

It’s going to be a long week in the run-up to the Festival itself..

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