Adam Savage (of Mythbusters fame) spent Comic-Con 2009 dressed like this, cosplay_108_fullhandily allowing him to wander around (and apparently bumping into as many as twelve people dressed up as Adam Savage..).

On Twitter he was giving clues but not revealing his actual costume, allowing his readers to try to guess or find him at the convention.

I looked up a few other photos, about six hundred of them over at Maximum PC. I rather liked the judges from Judge Dredd, although there were countless other very impressive ones. I did wonder about some of the women, there were many in costume and most were rather attractive. Geeks can be hot too, I guess. How times change..

cosplay_580_fullI think Hannah’s Pikachu costume may have been one-upped, but only because the British climate rarely supports a costume as skimpy as the one pictured, ahem..

Back on topic: looking at Adam’s costume made me feel the urge to build a Joker costume. Specifically that one. I don’t have the face for a normal Joker outfit and I cannot be bothered to acquire the relevant purple suit. Or the knives. Or the huge number of grenades..

Let’s not blow this out of proportion..

This is a relatively easy one though and doesn’t require any previous knowledge of anything to work as a costume.

rev_joker-toy-figure_bank-robber-movie-scenesA blazer, black leather gloves, trousers, shoes and a relatively mundane shirt make up the basic costume. To complete the look all that would be required would be the mask, some hair paint (and some wax, I imagine) as well as a smoke grenade replica and some purple cord or string.

If I get around to it, I’d like to build it. In the meantime I’m focusing on wargames stuff, but I thought that a bit of variety was due on here.

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  1. ... and besides, YOUR costume is going to blow all of these out of the water! ;)


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