In between Falconry Festival stuff I’ve been thinking about how to cheaply buy miniatures for my upcoming wargames. This was prompted by this article (“Games Workshop on a Budget”).

This is by no means an exhaustive comparison and it is of course only valid as I write this, but hopefully the basic truths will hold true over the coming months.

I had a look at Gifts for Geeks, Maelstrom Games, Megaminis and Wayland games, attempting to buy the same Warhammer 40,000 models:

  • A box of ten Imperial Guard Catachan Jungle Fighters
  • A box of ten Ork Boyz
  • One Ork Trukk

For a baseline comparison I check the Games Workshop online store. Technically, this isn’t accurate. The GW online store prices are different from the GW retail outlets on the proverbial high street. How different? Probably not much, but I’m not about to dig up the number of GW Edinburgh and ask them to do a price check for me. Suffice to say, if you want them immediately, you’ll pay a premium.

(Click on the table to get the full size image)

In each column I’ve listed the best price in italics although for the postage column there’s a bit of an exception, see my side-notes for details.

I’ve just relented and phoned GW Edinburgh to find out today’s prices in-store:

  • £12 - Catachan Jungle Fighters
  • £12 - Ork Boyz
  • £18 - Ork Trukk

That’d be a total of £42. So, a total saving of about £5.17 if bought from Wayland Games, rather than in store.

To be honest, I’m not sure if it’s that worth it, unless one is buying more miniatures. Of course, if we take into account the delivery from GW it might be a marginally bigger difference, but I doubt it’d push the difference much beyond £10.

I would say that the main difference to me is a two-fold psychological difference:

  • I don’t like giving Games Workshop money directly. If I can support these independent retailers and get a discount, I’m all for it.
  • Paying £18 for a Trukk is just too much for me. They used to be about £10 and I considered that too much. £14.40 is much easier to swallow.

96p per model is considerably better than £1.20, 20% cheaper, as it happens.

That’s it for now, although I plan on adding where to buy paint in another blog entry, as that’s somewhere considerable savings can be made.


A couple of side-notes:
Firstly, I was planning on buying a box of Ork Gretchin in this test, but Megaminis only stock the old, expensive, metal ones, so it wouldn’t be a fair test.

Secondly, at the time of writing, Games Workshop’s online store is offering free postage for the whole month. I don’t know what they normally charge, but I felt a special offer shouldn’t count in the stats, hence why it isn’t rated as the best postage price.

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  1. This part doesnt surprise me. Matt and I did some price comparisons between the craft shop, GW and online, and most of the prices were quite similar, so we didn't worry about it too much. It seems like paint is really the big difference. Either way, we'll all be kitted out soon enough, and chaos shall ensue! ;)


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