vallejoIn my last entry I did a price comparison of various sites for sourcing Games Workshop miniatures. This time I’m not doing the same thing, as there’s a fairly clear winner when it comes to paint.

I used to buy Citadel paint and I can’t complain at the quality, although I didn’t have much to compare to. I’ve still got lots of it left, but it is in various states of decay and in any case, I wasn’t going to lug a drawer full of paints up to Edinburgh on the train.

Instead I asked around and discovered Vallejo paints and was directed to a source on eBay. I bought 17 pots/bottles of Vallejo paint at about £1.19 each, after the 15% discount from the seller for buying more than 16.

First off, there’s two advantages of Vallejo paints:

  • Firstly, the bottles contain a nozzle at the top allowing them to easily be squidged out onto a pallet, convenient.
  • Secondly, they come in 17ml pots, not 12ml like their citadel brethren

Despite being cheaper than the citadel ones, I was very impressed with their quality. They were a joy to w ork with and I found myself enjoying painting miniatures for the first time in years.

Gifts for Geeks sells them for £1.30 each, without a minimum order requirement to reach the price.

So, for a quick price comparison with Citadel, per ml of paint:

  • Citadel paints work out at approximately 18.6p per ml (£2.25 on GW online)
  • Vallejo paints work out at approximately 7.6p per ml (£1.30 per pot)

To give a worked example:

If I decided to buy a load of paints to paint the Orks and Rebel Grots I’m going to be fielding, I’d need perhaps 15 different colours, ideally a few more.

To buy them in a GW store would cost me £2.25 * 15, so £33.75 + postage (~£4 I’d guess).

To buy the same colours from the Vallejo range at Gifts for Geeks would cost £19.50, plus postage (again, about £4).

That’s a difference of £14.25. The Vallejo paints cost nearly half as much, but there’s an additional bonus – there’s 40% more paint in the Vallejo ones!

I’m curious how much it’d cost to make the orders the same in terms of paint quantity, so I’ve worked it out. Vallejo paints contain ~41.67% more paint (I can’t be bothered to figure out how to add the symbol to indicate a recurring decimal). So, to get an accurate figure of how much it would (in theory) cost to buy fifteen 12ml pots of Vallejo, I just take the £19.25 total and chop 41.67% off it. Boosh!

£22.52 cheaper than Games Workshop.

Hopefully this will help some of you get a better deal on paint and be able to afford a broader spectrum of colours!

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  1. Yikes. That is a much better deal. Will have to look into what colours I could possibly need. For some, I will only need a tiny amount of the colour, so it wouldn't be worth it to buy an entirely new bottle of paint. For others, yeah, it would make sense. I'll get there!!


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