It's stupid o'clock once again and I'm unable to sleep, despite being exhausted.
I was listening to the Ubuntu UK podcast earlier and was pleased to hear they read out my email. Whilst they're recording the show they both "tweet" and "dent", meaning they post updates on both Twitter and Identica . I'm currently a member of neither but shortly I'm going to be using Twitter as a correspondent for NapierTV. That said, my principals incline me to favour Identica, being open source.

I'm attempting to find the best compromise as ideally I'd want to use a single account between the two services. It would seem Twitterific natively supports both services, which is convenient, but I'm unsure as to how to cross post and how I'd be using the service beyond my organisational involvement. Answers on a postcard!

Bonus - Ubuntu UK Podcast, S02E05 - THE LONG GAME :

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