I've spent the last few days doing a combination of swearing and waiting.


I've been having cash flow problems, banking problems, phone problems and sleeping problems. Firstly, waiting for my cheques so I could pay off my overdraft and other more minor debts (Sorry, Chris!).

I also wanted a new iPhone. My old one, whilst perfectly functional, didn't provide everything I wanted. The second generation iPhone (confusingly named as "the iPhone 3G") added most of what I wanted - 3G support and a better speaker. I wasn't about to upgrade at the drop of a hat though so I opted to wait until my first contract expired. Around that time a new iPhone was announced, the iPhone 3GS. It added a few features I really wanted: an autofocussing camera and video recording.

There are of course other features but the camera was the big one for me. My iPhone is my primary digicam and being able to record videos (and upload in the field) was something that appealed to me.

Of course, to get it required that I paid my bill, something that didn't quite work out smoothly due to false-positives on behalf of Lloyds TSB's fraud detection system. Woo.

Once that was sorted I had to pay my bill and wait up to 24 hours for O2 to unlock my account. This wouldn't bother me so much if it wasn't for the simple fact that it was getting in the way of me signing up for a new contract with them!

I did run the numbers and found that if I chose a two year contract it would be £100 cheaper. Yeah, not worth being locked in for an additional six months!

I got the device though as I'm typing this blog post on it. A rather nice 16GB model in white. Why white? Basically because I've not seen any white iPhones in the wild. Wheels and the Captain both have black iPhones, so it prevents confusion too!

In other news, I'm sadly on my way down to Wales at the moment, hopefully I can get properly involved in the falconry festival though, preventing death by boredom.

Having a phone this capable should help offset my lack of laptop (ZD-Harriet's graphics card is toast..). Photos and video to follow, I hope!

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  1. Well, despite the hassles of the past few days, it was a kinda successful day, really, despite having to be on the train down to Wales. I mean, you got your iPhone and the bank got its act in gear, so that's has to count as a partial success, right? Hope you get right into the festival. Boredom would be a bad thing! x


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