I wonder if there were any rumours of my death which could lend themselves to exaggeration. Well, regardless, I’m not bad, despite the rather depressing previous entry.

I’ve not updated my blog in a while for a number of reasons. For once it’s not just that I’ve been lazy, it’s due to the two following things:

  1. I’ve currently got next to nothing in my bank account
  2. I’ve been very busy working on NapierTV’s website and web-based technologies

The money issue is a simple one – I have money, but it’s currently tied up in paperwork. This has two main effects – the first being that I avoid leaving my flat so I don’t spend more money than necessary. The second is that I can’t afford to buy the many craft supplies I’d normally buy for my many building projects.

My liquid latex has solidified, so I’m going to need to buy some more before I can continue on the Cthulhu mask, for example.

Now, onto the more interesting stuff, for me at least.

NapierTV hasn’t really officially launched but until the web technologies are in place, we can’t really get off the ground. Our new channel layout requires each channel to have both its own page on our site, but also a blogger page and suitable Twitter hashtag feed support.

For those of you who don’t use Twitter/this feature, hashtags work as follows:

Strange (and cool!) to see other people using the #rocktv tag. Certainly makes field testing a lot more interesting! #entv

At the time of writing, that’s my latest tweet. In it you can see there’s a #rocktv tag and an #entv tag. Normally I’d just use a single tag, but sometimes I use more.

Twitter treats words with a hash symbol in front of them as a search category and provides an Atom and RSS feed for them, meaning we can see, in real time, whenever someone posts on a given topic, if they include a hashtag.

To see this in action, head over to http://napiertv.blogspot.com

The problem we had was that the technology to embed such a feed in a page just wasn’t widely available. There’s loads of widgets that allow any number of posts to be shown, but only by one author. They also don’t support the features we wanted, or supported stuff we didn’t want.

We needed to extract the following from the RSS feed:

  • Message body
  • Author (and Twitter account link)
  • Time since posted

What we didn’t need were things like the title value. Well, thanks to mgdm on #lugradio as he had a script that he kindly modified to help us do this. Once that was done we could embed it in our site, but not on Blogger.

Much swearing later and considerable intervention by Sennett and we had a working non-caching javascript version for our Blogger pages.

Hopefully now that’s up and running we can start working on the style for each of the planned channels and finding editors and correspondents for them.

If you’re interested in getting involved then your best bet is probably following us on Twitter.

Follow NapierTV on Twitter

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  1. I guess this means you're officially a master of Twit-fu! x


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