It’s been a week since I last update my blog, something I feel vaguely annoyed at myself for but not massively so.

beboI’ve been looking over Facebook and seeing how little it varies from Bebo. I still have a Bebo account but rarely use it simply because it’s hardly in use any more. What I see when I look over the Facebook update page is just the same as Bebo though – people saying things that are barely funny, results from whatever lame quiz they’ve just taken and the odd photo.

I’m very glad that my content is hosted on independent sites as I imagine it’ll only be a matter of time before the status quo shifts away from Facebook and to something else. I’ve seen a lot of people using Twitter but, frankly, I cannot see any use for it on a personal level. In terms of as an element in a project I see plenty of uses for it, but other than that.. Well you’re just not that interesting to read about. I do plenty of interesting things but my Twitter feed would be fairly tedious to read unless it was focussed on something like working at the Falconry Festival.

The Captain insists that it’s useful for sharing links but I myself can’t see why I would do that. If I find a link I think is worth sharing I’ve usually got a very narrow audience in mind for it, so I share it with them either via MSN or by posting it on Wooden Dice.

I guess what I’m trying to express is a general frustration with current popular social networking systems as they seem to encourage those around me to do a lot of talking without saying anything. I’ve started hiding people who I don’t feel like deleting but who never say anything interesting.

A particularly tedious addition to Facebook is the fact that when one of my friends writes on someone else’s wall, it shows up as an update for me. Not a notification, but it does still clutter up my Facebook homepage. If it was directed towards me then it would have been written on MY wall, wouldn’t it?

The number of people that keep showing up as “Perhaps you know this person?” annoys me too. People I’ve not spoken to in years appear in it and sometimes add me (and then proceed to not say anything). If it’s been this many years without me speaking to them, perhaps I didn’t really want to speak to them –it’s not like it’s hard to find people in this day and age (unless they’re actively trying to stay hidden).

Finally, people on social networks still do that “in a relationship with” with friends, making the information useless. Perhaps I’m alone in thinking this is ridiculously lame, but being in the minority has rarely discouraged me in this life.

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  1. Ugh. I soooo agree with all these little annoyances. First off, I don't really need to see what my friends are discussing between themselves. Just because we're friends doesn't mean I need to know every minutiae of their lives. If they wanted to include me in their discussions, they would, but they didn't, so I don't need it cluttering up my update.

    I also hate the "you might know this person". I don't care if I might know them! Frankly, if I wanted to add them, I would have by now. As well, it's not something I find very useful, as I haven't known most of my friends for more than at most 10 years, so why would I know their childhood friends?

    The other thing that bothers ME is the millions of quizzes of no real value to the world. "What pokemon are you"? I don't care! There should be a button to exclude all stupid quizzes. Or maybe a button that explodifies all stupid quiz users... that would be more useful to the world. ;)

    I don't do the hide-the-non-active-friend thing, though. If someone can't be bothered to reply to my messages, or is idle for years, or just fell out of my life for whatever reason, I delete them. Further, if they're no longer an active part of my life, why would I want them to receive updates about me? If they want to be a real friend, they have my email addy. *shrugs*!

    So there. ;)


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