For my Cthulhu mask/costume to progress I need to complete several components. One of these is the tentacles, another is the eyes. Well, until I find some surgical tubing, the tentacles are on hold. But the eyes I’ve got mostly under control.materialsFirst I got hold of some Das clay, some yellow fimo clay and a polystyrene egg shape in a local art shop coming to less than ten pounds, nice.

By hacking the egg in half I was able to produce two eye shapes or something vaguely suitable for an ancient fictional monstrosity to call eyes.

Next I wrapped the polystyrene shapes in clay to create little pots. removing-eggsFor those of you who don’t know, fimo clay needs to be baked in an oven for about half an hour to become solid. Not a problem, except that polystyrene transitions to glass at around ~95°C (if I understood Wikipedia's article correctly). So, a more hardy negative was required – clay seemed appropriate and I’ve plenty of pottery experience.

Ben-fimoOf course, removing the foam was tricky and in retrospect perhaps I should have used something like Vaseline on the eggs to prevent them getting quite so jammed in, but m’eh. Once the moulds were sufficiently dry (which took several days) I had to remove the shapes. Polystyrene cement melts expanded polystyrene, a fact I exploited to create grabbing points on the egg shapes, sadly destroying them.

But to hell with it, there’s no point crying over melted polystyrene, so on I went, shaping half the block of fimo into a layer to fill the mould. I was going to use less than the whole block but I felt strength was probably a better idea than saving it for later. One block and two moulds later, into the oven they went.

fimo-ovenHalf an hour later, additional cooling time and a lot of swearing and chipping later and the results were out (and the moulds left in usable but mildly damaged condition). A bit of clay residue remained on them but then my intellect wandered off for lunch.

As I sat there scraping at the residue with my stubbly, unshaven face, Midnight pointed out that it might just be easier to wash them. D’oh. Somewhere along the line I forgot that unfired clay can easily be broken down using water and a tiny amount of force.

finished-eyes(pic taken before I actually washed them)

With the eyes done, I’ve come one step closer to completing the head. Hopefully it’ll be epic when it’s done. I’m not certain whether I’m going to drill holes in the fimo shapes or have my own eyes use separate holes in the costume but I’m sure I’ll figure something out.    

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  1. Honestly, I don't think I have ever seen anything quite so funny as you trying to clean the clay off the eyes with your stubbly, beardy face. Too funny! Very cute, though.

    I still think having black tubes to look through by the tentacles would be scary and cool looking! =)


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