This is just a quick update to say - “Sorry an update is coming.”

Why would I deem to say that? Well, it’s simple, I’ve been working on the eyes for my Cthulhu costume and I’m using clay for the moulds. It’s still bloody drying! As soon as it’s dry, an update is coming, as I now have most of the required materials for the costume. Except surgical tubing.

Someone, bring me surgical tubing!

3 responses to "Cthulhu costume mini-update"

  1. Paaaatience grasshopper! Tubing will appear sometime this week!


  2. Wow! You're creating a costume like that?? How did it turn out?


  3. It's not done yet!
    I've just added an update though. I've been working on the eyes for the costume. Hopefully some day soon the costume will be ready. It should be rather fun to see the finished product and I look forward to that day with bated breath.


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