I was considering a vague concept earlier, remembering my father playing his acoustic guitar when I was a little boy. What do I feel a man should be able to do? What kind of checklist could I write?

Either way, it wouldn’t be exhaustive, but it might be a fun little thing to bash out whilst trying to clear my head. Like now. I can’t do all these things, although I feel I should be able to. There’s much more I’d like to add but it’ll have to be a follow-up entry.

  • Be able to make conversation in any given scenario.
  • Be able to discuss the merits of any given film, theatrical production or art gallery.
  • Be able to dress and be comfortable in casual wear, smart casual, business wear, black tie and white tie.
  • Be able to tie both a necktie and a bowtie without assistance.
  • Be able to polish black shoes or boots to an acceptable shine.
  • Be able to sew to at least a basic degree and make basic repairs to garments as necessary.
  • Be able to play at least one instrument to a passable degree.
  • Be able to speak at least one language beyond his native tongue.
  • Be able to dance in suitable styles to suite the following scenarios - formal, casual structured and casual freestyle.
  • Be able to shuffle cards and know the rules to at least two kinds of poker.
  • Be able to paint any reasonably sized room without causing damage to its contents.
  • Be able to choose a wine from any given wine list to suit a scenario.
  • Be able to select and drink coffee, wine and whiskey.
  • Be able to select and drink at least two kinds of beer.
  • Be able to select a gift for any given recipient or price range.
  • Be able to cook several levels of food in order to cater to various scenarios such as dinner parties, breakfast, lunch or moderate catering duties.
  • Be able to write a letter of recommendation.
  • Be able to prepare and deliver a presentation without appearing outwardly nervous or unnerved.
  • Be able to admit when he has been proven wrong.
  • Be able to deal with problems as they arise, rather than panicking.
  • Be able to be seen as a positive role model.

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  1. Can I add a few from the 'girl' perspective?

    - Be able to use formal table manners when required, and know what all the forks and spoons are for.
    - Be able to iron a shirt and trousers, and if required, a suit coat and tie (suitcases can be hell on them!)
    - Have a creative hobby of some sort.
    - Know how to give a passable massage!


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