Carrying on from my previous post, I spent a little while working on my Cthulhu mask today. So far I’m rather pleased with what’s beginning to take shape, want to see?1-plaster

The first thing to do was to blend the small plaster mask with the papier-mâché cranium. To achieve this I first needed mounting points so it was a case of trying it on and wiggling it into position, whilst asking the Captain “does this look straight to you?”. My wording should probably have been less setup for mockery, I know.


I used some of the plaster bandage cut into strips to blend the flatness of the mask with the distinctly unflat surface of the cranium.

1-plaster-3Here’s glance inside the cranium, where you can see I’ve carefully removed the coils inserted in the initial build, something that was far easier than I expected. The clingfilm meant it was just a matter of taking a firm grasp of the cranium with one hand and a coil with the other and pulling. Yoink!

The photo shows, if you look carefully, where the inside of the mask has a few strips to make it attach to the paper, although I didn’t go too crazy as the stuff didn’t really stick. It needs a dry-ish surface to stick to and is soggy. Placing it on dry newspaper creates soggy newspaper, meaning a rather irritating lack of adhesion.   2-melding

A bit of drying time later and I was able to start layering on papier-mâché strips to meld the two together in earnest. Whilst a little tricky to begin with, it got significantly easier with a few strips in place.


With the main structure drying it was time to start on the next feature – the snouty bit. This is eventually going to be part of the tentacles but I feel a basic framework will make attaching things much easier.It’s easy to cut bits off where necessary so even if it ends up being surplus to requirements, it’s no biggie.

To create the basic snout shape I took a bunch of surplus flyers and trimmed them, bent them to shape and then coated them with clingfilm. On with the gluey paper!


I applied a load of layers to the guide structure first – I want it to be strong enough to support further additions, after all. With that done I used a great many sizes of strips and merged it with the rest of the project. I think the basic shape has turned out rather well, if I do say so myself.4-melded

Still to do? Hmm..

Well there’s going to be a whole load of side structures – coils of different sizes and curviness. I’ve also got to find some eyes, I’m thinking bulbous clear plastic that I’ll fill with a gel or similar to get a nice gooey yellow look. Mmmmm..

Oh yeah, then there’s going to be tentacles drooping out from the snout and an ambitious paintjob. Wish me luck!

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  1. I did some research on the non-green-based glow in the dark paints, as requested, and I found a very promising site for you to peruse:

    There's just soooo many projects that spring to mind when I look at that page!!


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