n339500246_183390_6185 Last night there was the third in a series of parties. One I had planned to attend but discovered was fairly unworkable shortly before leaving. The previous two “Passionate” nights had been on Tuesdays, this one was on a Wednesday.

Thursdays are pretty hectic for me and I don’t feel that staying out until the early hours of the morning would be a good way to survive my least favourite day of the week. In the end I missed my classes today because I slept so badly, which of course makes me wonder how much worse I would have felt if I’d been drinking heavily as well.

bliiingAnyway, the first one was awesome, the second was alright and this one, well. I just wasn’t feeling it. Perhaps it was the fact that most of my friends weren’t going to be there and I feel awkward around that many strangers where my main talents are of little use. Maybe it’s because I didn’t have anyone to go to the event “for”, so to speak or maybe it’s because the prospect of filming footage on my own that I have no real use for just didn’t fill me with glee.

That said, I did prepare a costume. In fact I put quite a lot of effort into it. The end result, as per the usual, was that I had more fun building the costume than I did on the night.

The theme was “bling”, so I thought to myself “how can I cheaply make my own, custom made stuff?”. The result? Shrinkydinks, gold paint and LOTS of cheap fake crystals.

It took some time to find a suitable design and to place all the crystals (having to cut a huge number of the square ones to actually fit the letters on the bling knuckleduster I created).

Hopefully the results are pleasing – the total cost was less than twenty pounds, I think. £2 – 3 per bag of crystals (I bought two varieties). £3.50 for the chain. £8 – 12 for the shrinkydinks (I refuse to call them by their name on the box “Shrinkles”. Euch).

Thankfully, as with many of my other props, I have plenty of uses in mind for them. I intend on throwing a suitably themed party in order to use them, an unbirthday party. I don’t expect massive attendance, I gave up that expectation many years ago.


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